Sea Kayaking In Plockton

Sea kayaking in Plockton is one of the most common activities that you can do when you come for a visit. This is village is perfectly situated in sheltered waters that will give you the best conditions to improve your kayaking skills.

Kayaking is a type of water sport that uses a kayak to move across the water. A kayak is a type of vessel that looks like a canoe but ends up lower in the water. A double-bladed paddle is used to help navigate the kayak across the water. The paddler sits facing forward with their legs in front. The paddling goes from front-to-back – first on one side and then on the other in a rotating motion.

About Plockton

Plockton is a popular village in the Highlands of Scotland. It has a relatively small population with a high tourist count – thanks to its beautiful scenery.It is a settlement located on the Loch Carron shores. It is sheltered from the winds – giving it a great weather condition. The houses are reminiscent of the 19th to 20th-century architecture. It is primarily a fishing village but it does cater to the needs of the tourists that frequent its place.

Because of the idyllic and magnificent views, the village is often chosen as the location of TV series and films (e.g. Inspector Alleyn Mysteries, Hamish, Macbeth, and The Wicker Man).

About sea kayaking in Plockton

Sea kayaking in Plockton is as real as it can get. The panoramic views are awesome and will show you the true beauty of the Applecross, Isle of Skye, and the mountains of Torridon. There are also coral beaches that can only be accessed by boat. So if you want to go there, you might just have to use a kayak to do that.

Since this place is visited for kayaking purposes, you will find a lot of businesses that cater to tourists who specifically want to experience this sport. There are rentals and even instructors that you can pay to help you experience the wonderful sport of sea kayaking in Plockton.

So what makes it so great?

To start with, sea kayaking allows you to explore the remote and inaccessible coastlines of the Isle of Skye. It provides a great view of the Cuillin mountains in the background. If you do this during the right season, you might be able to see sharks and whales swimming in the horizon.Of course, your exploration will be heavily influenced by your kayaking abilities. If you have a bit more experience and you do not mind rougher waters, you can go to the narrows of the Kyle of Lochalsh and Kylerhea. When the Atlantic tides squeeze through the narrow waters in this area, it provides kayakers with the perfect conditions to hone their skills.

For beginners, you need to schedule more than one day to learn the basics. Once you have adequate skills, you should be able to visit the areas along the coast the has the best views of Plockton and its surroundings. From the Isle of Skye to the Applecross and Torridon, the best views are sometimes hidden from the world and can only be accessed by sea kayaking in Plockton.