Visit Lochalsh

Visit Lochalsh and experience the land of the clans and castles in Scotland. The district is known as the Highlands of Scotland. It is where you can find people who still speak Gaelic and join Ceilidhs – or social event where Scottish folk music is played so people can sing and dance just like how their ancestors did in the past.

This is a district located in the mainland Scotland. It is a peninsula that lies between the Loch Carron and Loch Alsh and is characterised by several hills. The Kyle of Lochalsh serves as the main settlement and it is located right at the entrance of the Loch Alsh.

Why should you visit Lochalsh

The main reason to visit Lochalsh is to experience the rich history of the land. There are so many places to visit that will allow you to reminisce the lives of the Celtics – who were among the first inhabitants of the peninsula.

The Picts, as they were called, are among the people who lived in what now is the eastern and northern part of Scotland. They settled in Lochalsh towards the end of the Iron Age and the early Medieval era. It is believed that they are descendants of the Caledonii. If you visit the beautiful district of Lochalsh, you can still see traces of their culture in some of the archeological findings in the area.

During the 6th century, as the Picts settled in Lochalsh, their settlement became part of the Dál Riata, a Gaelic island kingdom. Soon, their culture merged with theirs and up to this very day, visitors can still find people who speak the Gaelic language.

Among the places that you can go to when you visit includes the tall stone towers in Glenelg in the southern part of Lochalsh. Known as the Iron Age brochs, these towers are ten metres high and over 2000 years old. These are hollow-walled structures that can only be found in this part of Scotland. These brochs are usually alone but there are other with smaller dwellings around it. Experts are in disagreement as to whether it is a military structure or a farmhouse.

There are several structures and archeological finds that appeal to a lot of visitors all over Europe and the world. Be prepared to do a lot of walking because there are many hiking trails that will take you to places with wonderful sceneries and historical finds. You can also enjoy boat trips, scuba diving, and various water sports like fishing.The population in Lochalsh is small and slowly ageing. Tourism is a major part of their economy so you can find a lot of businesses that can cater to your needs if you ever decide to visit Lochalsh. There are hotels, restaurants, and other establishments that will ensure you stay will be memorable.

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